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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This Week In London #10 - Mayfair, A May Fair

Many thanks to Steven Crosby for suggesting our destination this week. We're in Mayfair this time, spending time looking in the shops, pubs and restaurants with a little diversion into the arboretum.

Music is provided by The Tacticians with their lovely song "London's Alright", 3 Blind Mice with Watchstar and Hungry Lucy with Shine. I forgot how good these bands were. I've really got to play more Hungry Lucy...

You can play the show by clicking the left hand player (the green PuPu player) at the top or the heading at the top of this posting or you could even press here and listen.

I'm thinking of going on location next time and doing another WhereTheHeckIsHe? Competition. Harder this time. Much Much Harder. What do you think? Was it fun or was it rubbish last time? Let me know eh?

Keep the emails coming in - I do answer all of them and they are all welcome. If you have a favo(u)rite area of London why don't you email me and tell me why you like it? I very well might feature it!

If you want to Skype me, please do - just call Parkylondon!

Thanks for letting me take 30 minutes of your time today. Much appreciated. Have a nice one.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

TWIL Episode 9 - Shakespeares Sprinklers

Hi there. Welcome to Episode 9 (Nine) of This Week In London. If you're here from my Podshow page then this IS Episode 9 and not 8 as advertised.. I'm tired. I'm sorry....

Direct link to the show here and don't forget you can use the players at the top of this page to listen as well. You can also subscribe (for free!) via iTunes or using your favourite podcatching software.

On with the shownotes then. I kick off with a track call Dislocated which is actually by Ellie Myles and Slashed Seat Affair. Thanks go out to Paul Nicholls for sending the track over and then following tout suite with the artiste - I really had no idea who it was! You can find Slashed Seat Affair here and Ellie Myles here.

I'm on the South Bank this time with a family stroll on a wonderful spring afternoon from London Bridge; we take in a reprise of Borough Market on a very busy afternoon and then on to The Globe Theatre and past the Royal Festival Hall on to the London Eye. A lovely walk and well worth you going on if you have a spare hour or so to kill.

Other music is provided by The Amateur Transplants with London Underground (cleaned up mix) and you can find the *explicit* (I mean it - you have been warned) here.

I'm a bit naughty with the last track and play a track by Jonas Hellborg which I think is awesome - it's Touch My Soul from the album Axis. It's kind of hard to come by but there is a link on Amazon here... Sixty six quid seems a bit steep but then again it's not on Ebay...

There you have it - hope you enjoy it. Please do keep the emails coming in I do appreciate it. Link on the side to get in touch. You can Skype me at "Parkylondon"!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Brace yourselves...

I'm doing a show tonight. Items to be covered are: Derelict London and Cockney Rhyming Slang... plus I'll do a run down of the top attractions in London. I'm sure I'll have an anecdote or two too!