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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

TWIL#28 - Marylebone

Hi all!

This show was prompted by an audio comment sent to me by Paul Nicholls, a good mate and great podcaster who recorded something for me while he was in London. He mentioned Marylebone and I thought that's a great place. I hope I do it justice.

You can listen to the show here:

I cover 221B Baker Street, the "home" of Sherlock Holmes, Madame Tussauds, the London Planetarium and Lords with a bit of a detour to talk about the movie "Plunkett & Macleane" via the River Tyburn, the hanging tree and Newgate Prison.

The music in this show is provided by Sera via www.myspace.com/seramusic

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Have a great day.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Monday, February 04, 2008

This Week In London #27 - BT Tower / Post Office Tower

I'm on my last legs as I write this; the jet lag is almost gone - but it's done. This Week In London #27 is available for your musical and Londonist needs. This time I take a peek at The BT Tower or as I keep calling it, the Post Office Tower. My pictures are at the bottom of this post....

Built in 1964, opened in 1966, the Post Office Tower was the tallest building in London for quite some time. The views from the (still)(just) rotating restaurant area are stunning (see below) but only if you go to the Tower - you'll need to listen to the show to get that joke.

You can listen to the show here:

Music from the Podsafe Music Network courtesy of

Manic Street Preachers with two tracks from their "Send Away The Tigers" album
first up was "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" followed by "Autumn Song". Good solid rock out tracks. Don't forget the fast forward if they are not to your taste. But - for heavens sake - it is the Manics!

The bonus track this evening is from Punam Verma who is also on the PMN - this was HUSH...

Thanks for all your emails and comments over the past few weeks. Daz - if you're reading this - send me the file and I'll edit and link to it here.

I'll be back with another show, in a week or so. Three for February - or should that be FreeFerFeb? Peace.

I've posted them to my Flickr page... you know how to find me right? Just google parkylondon... Or if you're feeling less inquisitive click here

Ow to tork saff essex

This has been an invaluable guide to me and I live in London! If you need help (and you might, even taking into account the explanations) just drop me a line or leave a comment!

alma chizzit - A request to find the cost of an item

amant - Quantity; sum total ('Thez a yuge amant of mud in Saffend')

assband - Unable to leave the house because of illness, disability etc

awss - A four legged animal, on which money is won, or more likely lost ('That awss ya tipped cost me a fiver t'day')

branna - More brown than on a previous occasion ('Ere, Trace, ya look branna today, ave you been on sunbed?')

cort a panda - A rather large hamburger

Dan in the maff - Unhappy ('Wossmatta, Trace, ya look a bit Dan in the maff')

eye-eels - Women's shoes

Furrock - The location of Lakeside Shopping Centre

garrij - A building where a car is kept or repaired(Trace: 'Oi, Darren, I fink the motah needs 'a go in the garrij cos it aint working proper')

Ibeefa - Balaeric holiday island

lafarjik - Lacking in energy ('I feel all lafarjik')

OI OI! - Traditional greeting. Often heard from the doorway of pubs or during banging dance tunes at clubs

paipa - The Sun, The Mirror or The Sport

reband - The period of recovery and emotional turmoil after rejection by a lover ('I couldn't elp it, I wuz on the reband from Craig')

Saffend - Essex coastal resort boasting the longest pleasure pier in the world. The place where the characters from TV's, popular soap opera, Eastenders go on holiday

tan - The city of London, the big smoke

webbats - Querying the location something or someone is. ('Webbats is me dole card Trace? I've gotta sign on in arf hour')

wonnid - 1. Desired, needed. 2. Wanted by the police

zaggerate - To suggest that something is bigger or better than it actually is. ('I told ya a fazzand times already')