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Thursday, June 28, 2007

TWiL Episode 14 - Winding Up Berwick Street

Greetings podfans! Happy to get TWiL #14 out of the door between trips AND keep to my target of two TWiL's a month. You can listen by clicking here or (better) clicking the left hand player (the PuPu player) above. Best of all you can subscribe via RSS and never miss an episode.

[Edit] Before I go and put my foot in it, the "Advice for American tourists" below is meant to be tongue in cheek! The langauge in it is a little rosier than the 100% G-rating I usually maintain but it should be still suitable for a mixed audience. If you think it's too much PLEASE do let me know and I'll go through it and reissue it with bleeps....[/Edit]

This show has some GREAT advice for American tourists on how to behave and get the best out of London - it's a must listen! And I follow that up with a sound-seeing tour of Berwick Street, Soho and Wardour Street as I try to locate the original Marquee Club.

Music is by Howard Jones courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network - track were "Building Our Own Future" and "Revolution Of The Heart".

Please do email me (links over there) or comment on the show here (just click the comments thing below). Thanks for joining me once again - and special thanks to my regular listeners and emailers - especially when I am abroad, you keep me company while I'm away from the family. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mini Competition

Just a bit of fun while I'm away.

Send me an email with your funny, sad, happy, weird or wonderful story about London and I'll read the best out on the show and send a "London Street Guide" by the "London Evening Standard" to the first four I pull out of the proverbial hat. I pay postage. Wooo.... Go for it :-D

Friday, June 08, 2007

This Week In London #13 - Tower and Weird Stone

Welcome once again to This Week In London and the 13th Episode of this podcast. As usual you can play the show via the players at the top of the page here, by clicking this link or the heading of this post. Enjoy!

This time out I talk about the Tower of London and the London Stone.

Music is courtesy of

Craig Cardiff with Emm and May
Simon Apple with Weight of the World and
Jonathan Coulton with the strangely named but very good "Skullcrusher Mountain".

Contact me on email, skype and phone details to our left <----- and in the show.
Keep the emails coming in - I do reply to all of them but if you don;t feel like writing to me, write to the bands and let them know where you heard their music.

Have good time till next time. I'm taking the recording gear with me to South Africa so you never know, you just never know!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Olympic Logo

Just back from Amsterdam where I saw the "logo" for the 2012 Olympics. What a joke.

I would like to encourage all my listeners and readers to visit the site below

Online petition - Change The London 2012 Logo

to help change the logo. We MUST change this. It's an embarrassment to the UK, to the Olympic movement and to team that won the games for London in the first place..

Oh and if you can mention www.thisweekinlondon.co.uk in the comments field that would be cool too ;-) [cheeky eh!]