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Friday, February 08, 2008

QR code - can ya read it - can ya?



  1. Hello Paul,

    always great fun to listen to your podcast. I am German, but try to come to London regularly since more than 18 years. Fisrt time as a pupil (yes, I have a picture sittan at Pic.Circus....;-))
    Coming back to the Zoo epsiode: I once took a trip from Little Venice to Camden Lock by boat. At the Zoo, there is a stop for the boat and there is a sign saying: "Emergeny Alert, do not moor or land, when red flag is flying". Really nice of them to warn of tigers and lions...

    Keep up your good work, I am alwasy surprieed, what kind of things happen at London!

  2. Hi Bernd

    THanks for your comment, I apologise for the delay between your post and my reply. I've been away on vacation since then. The Regents Park Canal is a beautiful journey through London - a quiet as London is noisy! Love the Zoo flag warning! Brilliant and so British.