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Sunday, August 05, 2007

TWiL #17 Upriver top rankin

Greetings! You can listen to this show here, by clicking on the Title above or by using one of the players at the top of the page. Better still subscribe via your favourite RSS reader or iTunes!

This show is part 2 of my trip upriver calling at the bridges on the way through. Lots of tourhistry (tourist history - geddit?) and interesting info.

I introduce the Parky's Picks book review - well, I've read a few good books with a London link recently and I was going to review one this time. Well, that one will have to wait as the one I am reading at the moment moved me to put it in the show before I have even finished it! You really must check out Rachel North's Out Of The Tunnel, available at all good bookshops or at Amazon. Watch the video directly below this posting for more information. Moving, sad, happy, disturbing and funny - and all at the same time. I am struggling to put this book down.

Music in this show was:

Balance by Sara Tavares from the Ioda Promonet - link here
and check out the groovy blogger posting thingy they gave me below. You can buy it!

I Do by Rob Costlow from the PMN and also from his own website here

Track after the end theme was Emily Has Compassion Fatigue played at the right speed from Three Blind Mice

Please do email me or leave comments - I reply to everything! And thanks to Steven C for the :::gentle nudge::: on the show notes!

Balance "Balance" (mp3)
from "Balance"
by Sara Tavares
(World Connection BV / Times Square)
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  1. I enjoyed the show, and thank you very much for the book recommendation!

  2. My pleasure Rachel. It's a great book it's not often a book moves me. Yours has.