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Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Week in London #24 - The Strand - Competition Show

Greetings one and all. Here is the latest This Week in London - number 24. This time I'm putting one of London's most famous streets under the spotlight, The Strand and giving away fifty dollars in Amazon vouchers for answering a simple question. Well, okay, it's probably not so "simple" but give me a chance eh?

You can listen to the show here:

I also take a look at the Savoy Hotel, Royal Courts of Justice, Somerset House and Simpsons On The Strand. I really enjoyed doing this show and hope you enjoy listening to it too!

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46 Bliss with "In A Long Time" (Podsafe Music Network)

Pointless NostalgicJamie Cullum
"I Want To Be A Popstar" (mp3)
from "Pointless Nostalgic"
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Jamie Cullum? - yes that Jamie Cullum!

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
with "Coma Girl" (Podsafe Music Network)
Yes that Joe Strummer. Of the Clash.

Good music, a good vibe AND a competition.

Towards the end of the show I give you the names of 5 companies. All you have to do is tell me why they are connected. I have a specific reason in mind. You should be able to work it out with a little Googling . There is a US$50 Amazon voucher (or equivalent) prize up for grabs for the winner (I'll draw from the correct answers if lots of you get it right). Yep fifty bucks. For listening to the show. Works for me - does it work for you?

Have fun people. Don't forget to write!


  1. For a "clue" see the comments on the Live posting above here...

  2. Absolutely lovedthe show Paul. I spend a fair amount of time at the Strand so know it well. The RCJ is an amazing building and it was fabulous to hear the facts.

    I remember walking past the BBC world service building in September - ironically listening to your show!


    Excellent mate - thanks so much.