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Thursday, March 27, 2008

TWIL #30 - The Crown Jewels

Greetings all!

Tonight's show is all about the Crown Jewels of the royals of Britain. I changed my format with this show - rather than having general bullet points I have actually written out a script of sorts (I still deviate a little ;-) so it flows better. It's a bit more work upfront but better in the recording stage. I'm *really* interested in what you think about it - please do email me with your thoughts!

You can listen to the show here:

Music on the show is provided by

Sender - Alive and Kicking (demo)

Penda's Fen - Walking on the Edge

Ehren Starks - The Tale of Room 620

Please do support the bands who give their music to be played on podcasts - we get to play it to you for free - they make nothing from the podcast plays on shows like this. They hope you will like the music enough to go buy it!

So there you have it - a tad longer than usual but not as much as I thought at the beginning of the show. I hope you enjoy it and if you feel the need to send me a mail, call me on Skype or leave comment then please do! Thanks.


  1. Hi Paul,

    as always: choice of music is just brilliant! Discovered lots of "acoustic crown jewels" through your podcast!

    Back to the "security" issue on Terminal 5 and the fingerprints: the "if you have nothing to hide..."-argument is the most annoying of all and I totally agree to your point of view. But what is even worse: ever tried to explain this erosion of information-autonomy to a "non-IT"-person? Ok, any questions left...?

    Keep up your brilliant work!
    Cheers, Bernd

  2. Hi Bernd

    Thanks for the kind words! I love my City so doing the podcast is more a labour of love than anything else - the hardest part is deciding which pieces of music to play. There' so much out there it makes it doubly hard to choose.

    As for the Civil Liberties stuff you are so right. "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" is such a misleading come back. How much do YOU earn?!?!? :-)

  3. Absolutely love all three songs on this weeks podcast. I usually like 1 or maybe 2 but all three are awesome. I've been trying to get a copy of Alive & Kicking by Sender but haven't been able to. It's not available for download on thier site or on itunes. Where did you get a copy?
    As always, keep up the great work.


  4. Hi Steven. If you follow the link to Sender's site you should be able to at least "Listen again". I got it from the PMN and http://Music.podshow.com.

    I am going to contact the band and see what I can come up with. You're not the only one who enjoyed Sender!