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Sunday, November 09, 2008

How to ride a London Bus - 1950's style

This is interesting from an historical perspective but quite horrifying to these 21st Century eyes and ears. The film was designed to "educate" newly arrived foreigners in London in the intricacies of bus-riding. The films unravels the mysteries with helpful advice like, "Be sure to board a bus headed to your destination," and explaining that drivers aren't allowed to run over school-children.

1950 was a long time ago...


  1. It's interesting to note that "African's in particular have a love" for small children.......was that to dispell a rumor that they may not? Wow, did they always talk to us like we were complete morons? Thanks for finding this, it's hilarious.

  2. Those were the days!
    I wonder what they would say today.
    "Seat near a window, so if a knife wielding drunken teenager comes at you, you can quickly jump for your life."