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Thursday, July 19, 2007

TWiL #15 - Enter The Lady

Greetings! Welcome to This Week In London #15 - Enter The Lady. As you might have noticed I have posted about the Shady Old Lady web site below. Feel free to potter over there for a look round.

You can listen to this podcast by clicking the header to this post, by clicking one of the players at the top of the page or even by clicking here

Music in this show is provided by:

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I am
Courtney Jones - Ride
David Ippolito - Tom Cruise Scares Me.

Just follow the links to their web sites above. Buy the songs if you like them! Even if you don't part with your cash, send them an email - it's almost as good!

Here are the links to the places covered this time:

London Underground videos
The Monument

Diving into the Shady Old Lady website we visited:

The Pillars of Hercules or via Shady Old Lady
Shakespears Ireland Yard or via Shady Old Lady
The Grapes or via the Shady Old Lady

I hope you enjoyed this edition of TWiL - please do write in and let me know what you think or leave a comment here on the blog. You can also call me on +1 949 544 1277 and leave a message if I'm not there when you call.

All the best



  1. Really glad I was introduced to this, great service & thanks for the new music.

    If I had any money, I'd sponsor you!

    Must go practise my roar!

    More! More!


  2. Thanks Ade. Glad you're enjoying it.