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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US listeners

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving to all my listeners celebrating this third Thursday of November. I hope you spend time with family today and tell them you love them.

P. W. Fenton (P_Dub) has it down right in his latest Digital Flotsam so take a listen to Episode 52 of that wonderful podcast series if you don't fancy spending the afternoon in front of the gogglebox watching (American) Football. I *really* enjoy P-Dub's podcast. It's one I get very excited about when it comes out and is recommended listening to all my listeners!

Alternatively you could spend an interesting half hour with The History Channel which goes into the history of Thanksgiving.

Did you know that 50 MILLION turkeys will be served today in America alone? I reckon there are more households than that over there so someone, somewhere isn't eating turkey today? Is it you? Why? Answers in the comments please!

Finally, I am working on the next TWiL where I cover The Strand and some of the sights and places of interest along this fascinating street. Up at the weekend hopefully.

If you have asked me for a Starbucks Card and HAVEN'T had it by the weekend can you drop me an email and I'll resend it. Thanks. I've still got a couple left so let me know if you want one.


  1. Keep in mind that my house had 5 families in it for this Thanksgiving (yikes). That was over 15 people. So those other 4 families didn't have a turkey at their house. Most Turkey day celebrations are shared by multiple families (I think it just makes it easier to deal with you own crazy family if there are witnesses).Multiply that by 50 million and you start to come closer to the correct number. I hope that helps to explain the numerical difference.

  2. fantastic! Just seen the show up Paul - looking forward to listening to it o the MP3 tomorrow!