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Monday, November 26, 2007

Live This Week in London....

I am seriously considering doing a live This Week In London on something like Talkshoe or something similar. Trouble is don't want to be a Billy-No-Mates and have a party and have no-one show up.

It'll be on a weekend and late European time so I can get all the American listeners at a reasonable time on their side of the pond. If I had a party would anyone come?

I'd really appreciate you feeding back to me on this one via the comments to this post. If you really don't want to publicly say so then by all means send me a mail but I want to make this as open as possible.

Over to you!

And don't forget TWiL #24 - Strand is available too... with a US$50 competition built in...


  1. Entries arriving by email and SMS. One correct so far.

  2. A live show might be fun. We'll get to see how you do "without a net". Thanks for thinking of us Americans as far as show time is concerned. I'll listen!!!

    The contest is a bit more difficult for those of us in the States because 3 of the 5 companies we've never heard of and most of us don't have any idea how you would spell the ones we've never heard of. A little help would be awesome.

  3. Difficult? Yes maybe it is but then you wouldn't like it if it was easy eh? A little judicious Googling will get a right r**** result...

    And that's pretty much the only hint you're gonna get muahahahah

  4. I would also like to listen in on a live broadcast!