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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TWiL #32 - Buckingham Palace

Greetings one and all and welcome to This Week in London #32 - Buckingham Palace.

You can play the podcast by clicking the PuPu PLayer (no, really) up there at the top of the page. Alternatively you can listen to the show here:

This time I'm putting Buckingham Palace under the viewing glass. Interesting place and a builders dream. It's been built and rebuilt since the early part of the 18th Century with some humungous heavy lifting jobs done to it.

The picture at the very top is a great panoramic by Meichimite from FLickr under Creative Commons. The rather wet one is one I took when Flat Stan went on his trip round London in 2002. The lower one is of a Garden Party, courtesy of the CC-licensed image from Flickr by Mark Hillary. Thanks to them both for making it available under Creative Commons.

Music this time out is:

Black Lab with Ghost in your Mind - where you can buy the album Passion Leaves a Trace and See The Sun (strong recommendation for both these albums - awesome stuff )

Beyond7 with Smoke. You can buy the album at iTunes - click here
Thanks to Steven for the CD and a strong recommendation to go listen to the music.


DJ Earworm with Funky goes to Hollywood
Which I thought was just terrific and worth playing on the show even if it is "just" a mashup.

As always, your feedback is appreciated and all emails ARE read AND replied to by yours truly.
I hope you enjoy the show and look out for another show PDQ!


  1. Thanks for playing Beyond 7. I'm glad you liked the cd.

    The part that impressed me about Buckingham Palace is that it feels like it's been the center of so much history. There aren't too many buildings in America that have that kind of aura.

    Also, go have a pint at the Bag o Nails. It's the Queen's local....well probably not but since its the pub right behind the Palace....she could go there for a pint. The upstairs dining area has views over the rear wall of a part of the Palace grounds. Not very exciting but it's a little glimpse behind the Royal curtain.

  2. Great show, I did not know the stuff about Marble Arch, a great little bit of information to tell visitors.

    Keep them coming, really enjoy your shows.