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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June - a great month and a miserable month

Hi there one and all.

I just wanted to post a quick update and let you know what was going on. Long and the short of it is that June is going to be a right-off for new This Week In London podcasts. I've got a strong need to record one but no time.

I just got back from a fortnight in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Next Sunday I'm off to Orlando and then on to the Bahamas. Yeah, I know "you. poor. thing".

Trouble is YoungestSon pointed out to me that I will only have seen him for six days in June. Which is a massive downer. I haven't travelled for a while and this month is exceptional. But...

Anyway, I want to do a show, I have a show to do (two out of three ain't bad) but have no time to do it. D'oh. And that's the third thing I need. Time.

Please do keep the comments and emails coming in - don't forget, you can leave me a message on the Skype phone and I can pick them up. I'll reply to everyone. Just maybe not in June! :-(



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  1. Enjoy your holiday. Wear lots of sunscreen. And have fun at all the parks in Orlando. Tip a rum punch for me.