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Sunday, January 14, 2007

This Week In London #3 - Airpots, Dumps and Cardboard

This is This Week In London Number 3. I spend some time helping folk to get into London from the two key airports and also give a London Underground 101 for those who haven't really used it before.

Dumps and Cardboard are special. You'll have to listen in to hear about them!

Music is provided by New London Fire which you can find at music.podshow.com.

Feedback is welcome at thisweekinlondon ==aT== gmail :::d_o_t::: com or you can leave feedback here. Just click comments below!

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Next Time

Have a good time till next time when I'll talk about some of the other airports in London, Eurostar and the darker side of London with Derilict London.

I'll also be doing the monthly whats on and what coming up


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