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Monday, January 08, 2007

TWIL Episode 2 - Christmas Eve

31/01/2007: Edit - I have now included some pictures to give you more of a flavour of Borough Market (sorry about the pun!)

First of a big thanks to everyone who is tuning in to This Week in London. I'm having a lot of fun doing this and I hope you're enjoying it - please do contact me at thisweekinlondon@gmail.com if you have any stories of Life or Travel in London.

This time we're exploring Borough Market, the foodies heaven and associated pubs, restaurants and foody shops. Well worth a visit if you have time.

As we move into the Christmas Holiday itself I give a little history on the Christmas Tree in Traflagar Sqaure, where it came from and why. Also be on the look out for the New Year Fireworks display after the midnight bongs from the main bell in St. Stephens Tower at the Houses of Parliament aka Big Ben. FWIW - Big Ben ONLY refers to the bell, not the clock, not the tower....

I also talk about the Flickr stream I have on Flat Stan (just Google Flat Stan if you have no idea what this means) and his travels in London. You can find the stream here

Music this week sourced at the Podshow Music Network and provided courtesy of the Bands:

Satelite Dub with London has more Lights


The Bridge Gang with "London Sky Tonigh" demo0

Special thanks to Ed at Ed's Mixed Bag for playing the promo - cheers Ed. If you haven't already please do check out Ed's show at www.edsmixedbag.com

So, a Happy Christmas to everyone out there and Happy New Year too

[PS I forgot to post this here.... sorry]

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