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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is it with the trains?

I love London. Everything about it - to quote The Diamond Geezer (a blogger I respect) "Life, nightlife, the sense of history, the Underground, the view from Greenwich Park, the fact there's always somewhere new to discover, Oxford Street, the sound of Big Ben, nightbuses, sunlight on the Thames, buying your Sunday paper on Saturday evening, the museums in South Kensington, the wobbly Millennium bridge, being able to choose from more than two local radio stations, Tate Modern, not needing a car, the view from Hampstead Heath, Arsenal shirts, Trafalgar Square, the top pod on the London Eye, St Pancras station, decent mobile phone reception, Routemasters, the East End, 24 hour bagel shops, culture on your doorstep, Hungerford Bridge, Old Compton Street, deckchairs in Green Park, the DLR, 0° longitude, the City, Covent Garden, decent record shops, St Paul's Cathedral, walking faster than the traffic, crossing Westminster Bridge at night on the back of a bike, the sheer variety of Theatreland, the British Museum, just living here."

Now - one thing that actually bugs me is the trains. Here is a rant which I have toned down on reflection and added the above words:

I live in North West Kent in a 'burb called Sidcup. It's around 25-30 minutes from London by train. The above (and sorry for the shakey picture - I was a little cold!) was taken at my local railway station after the South East had its first snow of the Winter this morning.

Why is it then that when it snows even just a little bit like today (an inch for goodness sakes) that the railways crumple in a messy heap? My journey from home to the office (just over an hour normally) took nigh on three hours today. The picture was taken at 08h16 - I had been at the station for half an hour by then...

Arghhhh. If the fat cat railway management (Fat Controller anyone?) took less out of their company's in bonusses, salaries, jollies and benefits perhaps they would be able to maintain their trains and keep them running when the weather decides we deserve a little snow....

Of course, the snow will be gone this evening but the trains will be up the shoot because of this mornings debacle. Ho hum.

PS I'm aiming to do a show tonight. Lots of goodies to look forward to.

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