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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

TWIL 19 - Hampton Court

Greetings all and an extra special welcome to the hundreds of new people downloading this show. I've seen the download numbers rocket over the past few weeks so welcome one and all!

This is This Week In London number 19. You can listen here by using the player here:

or by using the players above in the usual way...

In this episode I talk quite a bit about Hampton Court Palace and a bit about the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. I totally mess up a review of a Japanese restaurant - hey, at least I got the address right!

Music is at opposite ends of the spectrum:

1. Mark Vidler, Go Home Productions... "Ray of Gob" - Mash Up of Madonna and the Sex Pistols. A ballsy mash up of epic proportions. Fast forward to about 4 minutes if you want to avoid it... lolz...

2. Catie McKinney - Angel On Your Shoulder
A wonderful song from a wonderful voice. The most amazing thing? Her age. She's only 14! Amazing

3. Slashed Seat Affair - Immune
I just cannot get enough of this lot. I want go and see them play and I want to buy their CD.

I hope you enjoy this show. Please fell free to leave comments or send me an email. I always reply to every one...

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