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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wider distribution for This Week In London

I made a rather abstract posting on Twitter last night and said I'd explain with more details here - so here goes...

I am delighted to be able to announce that This Week In London is partnering with the Red Carnation Hotel (RCH) group to distribute the This Week In London podcast through the RCH website.

I'll be doing the show as normal, no changes to the way you get my shows, no change to the content you like and no glaring adverts in the show. What will happen is that TWiL will also be available from the podcast area on their website alongside their existing home-grown podcast content - take a look if you have time. TWiL isn't there yet as I need to do some admin to get the files over to them.

I'd like to record here my thanks to David and his team at Red Carnation Hotels for doing this and for showing support to the independant podcasting community. I look forward to a long and successful partnership with RCH - it's always nice doing business with nice people.


  1. Hi Paul, I'm in central London next week Tusday, Wedesday and Thursday night. I'm at a course all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    I booked a hotel, but first tried your sponsors - I've fixed all the bugs on the laptop and found I couldn't book online as the site kept crashing. I tried the desktop too.

    I needed to book the hotel that evening as I'd left things a bit late, so went elsewhere. Moral of the story? I'd definitely follow your recommendation - and wanted to. Their site let them down unfortunately, as I just had to shop elsewhere.

    Do pass the message on, as I'd be happily staying at their place now, so the sponsorship thing does work - unfortunately their site didn't!


    Paul Nicholls

  2. Hi Paul

    I passed your comments on to RCH - they should have sorted you out by now.. All well?