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Sunday, September 30, 2007

TWiL #20 - St. Pancras

Welcome to This Week in London #20 - St Pancras. Play it direct from here, via the players at the top of the page or below.

This time I talk about St Pancras station and what they've done to it. With the coming of Eurostar to North London and the demise of Waterloo International, lets get a little closer to one of the best looking stations in London.

I talk about another London related book - this time it's "The London Cabbie" by Alf Townsend.You can buy it here.

Music provided courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network who pointed me towards:

Elana Arian - This Time (actually, I got this ages ago - its a golden oldie in podcasting terms but I still love it)

Jimmie Bratcher - Restless for the sun - a lesser played number from Jimmie here. Very nice. Watch out for the auto play music on Jimmie's site - excellent but loud.

Please do visit the websites of these (and all the) musicians and singers I play on this podcast. It's your support that keeps them going. Don't forget "support" here could mean anything from an email saying how much you enjoyed the track to actually buying their CD's! If you're thinking of telling me then c.c. them too!

Finally I repay some compliments by playing some podcast promos for people who have done the same for me....

Have a great time till next time.


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