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Monday, October 29, 2007

Starbuckscard - London edition

I have acquired several of the limited edition Starbucks London "StarbucksCard" prepay cards. [NB Update - I have 5 left...]

On a first-come first-served basis I will send one to each person who emails me their mailing address.

Free. Gratis.

This Week In London number 22 - Chelsea Chelsea will be finished this evening...


  1. I'd ask for a London Starbucks card but I don't live in London (sucks to be me) and I don't drink coffee. Oh well, hope thirsty Londoners get them instead.

  2. Steven! You can have one if you want one. They are collectables... Let me know eh?

  3. I figure with New Media taking advantage of their connections overseas, they'll become more collectible, faster...

  4. I would love to get one but I live in the U.S. Would it be possible to still get one?

  5. Hi Christina

    Yes it's not a problem. I have a couple left. Just email me your mailing address and Ill send one over. I have to say though that some people arehaving trouble loading the cards in the US so it might be a collectors item rather than a "proper" Starbucks card. Still, be good to mess with the Barista's mind eh? Email me a mailing address.

  6. hola yo soy de España y queria saber si me podrias enviar una de esas, me encanta Londres es la mejor ciudad que he visto. Porvafor enviemela y si quieres te puedo enviar algo de aqui de España.
    Si quieres contactar conmigo este es mi e-mail:

    In English:
    hello I'm from Spain and wanted to know if I could send one of these, I love London is the best city I've seen. Please send it to me and if you want I can send you something from here in Spain.
    If you want to contact me this is my e-mail: