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Monday, October 29, 2007

TWiL #22 - Chelsea Chelsea!

Greetings one and all.

Here is TWiL #20. It's a little early after the last show for two reasons. Reason (1) is that I try to get two out each month and what with colds, flu (proper flu - full on MAN flu!), half term and repeated trips to the local ski centre I've nearly only done one. The other reason (2) I'm travelling a fair bit over the next week or two so wanted to keep you all enthused!

This time I'm covering Chelsea. The area in south west London which contains Chelsea FC, The Chelsea Pensioners, The Chelsea Flower Show (tickets are on sale now for next May!) and the Kings Road. I feel like I need to do a part 2 on this so I expect I'll revisit it another time. Don't forget the Shady Old Lady and the restaurant!

Music on the show was:

Ann Wilson singing "Where to now St. Peter?" and "Immigrant Song". You can find Ann Wilson here and here

I also played Cruisebox's "On a Podcast" which was originally uploaded to the Podsafe Music Network in July 2005 and not '06 and I said in the show.

Finally I played a clip from Chelsea's "Blue Is The Colour" theme song which you can buy on iTunes.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the show. Comments here or by email please! I do love getting a note from you and I reply to every one!

Play it here:

Or in the players at the top of the page. You can get this podcast in iTunes - just search for "This Week in London". EMail me if you get into a pickle!

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