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Sunday, November 11, 2007

TWIL #23 - Remember Guido Fawkes

Parental Guidance on elements of this show folks. Hanging, drawing and quartering is not a nice way to execute someone! Listen here or play it here:

Background and information on the Gunpowder Plot - who, what, where and when. Take a look at this recreation of the explosion!

Music by Amplifico and New London Fire. Enjoy the sounds and if you like the music let me know! If you really like it let the bands know too! Oh - could you let the bands know where you heard it too!

If you want to know what a Starbucks Card looks like - check the post below.

Have a great time until next time when I cover The Strand and the Law Courts.. TTFN


  1. Shall I skype my details for the Starbucks card? I'll trade one for a genuine Idaho Spud Buddy, very rare in Britian (though they have been spotted in Glasgow, Newcastle and Bournemouth, lolol