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Sunday, March 04, 2007

This Week In London #6 - Driving To Distraction

Hi there

Sorry for the delay in getting these shownotes out to you all. I’ve been pretty unwell and haven’t had the energy to do anything much. Anyways – better late than never eh!

Here is the direct link to the show

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The Congestion Charge - here is the map of the congestion charge zone

For those of you who want to learn more about the Love/Hate relationship we have with
Marmite - follow the link!

Featured tracks this time are from

Bloom with Shoulder To Cry On


Small Town Sleeper with Car Crash

This last track (played first in the show) is a special, one-off show for Rorin after the event of the tracks name! Best of luck getting the car back on the road Rorin and give Saskia a big hug from me eh?

Competition Number 1 will close this Friday 9th 2007


  1. Marmite was a major revelation to me. I visited the site you mentioned and found the Marmite entry on Wikipedia citing the nostalgic British:

    "... a British backpacker kidnapped by Kashmiri separatists in 1994, was quoted as saying "It was pretty good. It's just one of those things—you get out of the country and it's all you can think about."


  2. Brilliant! Have you tried it? Can you get it where you are? If you can't let me know!

  3. another good show, the only let-down for me was the anti congestion charge stance... IMHO we have to do something to reduce smog/pollution, and if you think that red ken won't keep increasing the charge until the number of drivers reduces, I think you're deluding yourself... but that is my opinion, and as it's your podcast, commenting on your blog is the best I can do...!