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Monday, March 12, 2007

TWIL Episode 7 - Suicide Girl

Welcome to the shownotes of the 7th episode of the This Week In London podcast. Direct link here or you can listen in the sidebar!

I'm happy to announce Brendan as the winner of the competition as he accurately worked out I was in Hoxton Square. Well done Brendan - I've sent you an email to confirm the details.

In this weeks show I played Mine Again by Black Lab, the song chosen for the Bum Rush The Charts take over. No link to the song here - please buy it on the 22nd March and make a difference. Black Lab are donating half their earnings from the sales of the song so credit and kudos to them for that.

I play a radio interview that Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff and I did on BBC Radio 5 Live about BRTC which was a lot of fun. Sorry about my voice on this interview - I was getting over a really bad throat infection. There is a picture (NOT for the faint hearted) here.

One of the hosts of the radio show (not Chris Vallance, an altogether Good Chap) is a bit of an arse at the end of the piece but whatever - it's up to us to prove him wrong.

Finally, I tell a story about an incident I personally experienced on the London Underground. It was a lot harder to tell than I thought it would be. I think, listening to it again, you can appreciate how hard. The story is where I get the title for this show. At least she lived.

Stay tuned - I've got a great show planned covering Berwick Street in the next couple of weeks. Celebrity interviews no less! woot!!

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