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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Arthur Dent - I feel like Arthur Dent

This place is around the corner from mine. It was built around 1841 as it says that date above the door (I'm not sure you can make it out) which makes it 166 years old. Now get this. It's been destroyed, squidged and is now going to built over.

Now, not surprisingly, because of its location (prime) it has been bought by a developer who is going to squidge it, build "executive homes" on the land and we lose a piece of local history...

[rant] How can this be? We protect (List) buildings which are younger, uglier, less everything than this one and yet some git of a builder can toss it out at stroke. Unfair!!!! [/rant]

Two rants in one day - I am doing well...

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