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Saturday, May 26, 2007

You know what? I like Trafalgar Square all grassy...

We should keep it like this. Excellent!

But I'm sure health and Safety would have something to say about it... What a waste of space our illustrious Health And Safety Executive are. I mean, what is the point of them now? I'll tell you eh? It's to keep themselves employed and they do that by rolling out every more "safety concious" crud that turns our lives into a bubble-wrapped constantly observed world.

At my railway station last week three guys with hedge strimmers were at work lopping back the branchlets and leaves that were poking through the fence. One guy was doing the cutting, another guy was blowing the leaves away - any idea what chap #3 was doing? Yep - he was stopping us from walking along the platform - "Sorry mate, Health and Safety". WHAT? You're protecting me from the evil killer leaf that might slice my neck open? The twig that, having been cut off by a super-mega-high-speed-laser-guided *hedge strimmer* would embed itself in my chest and cause death by twig? Come off it. It's pathetic.

The HSE are de-risking our lives here - and in so doing are making our lives more dangerous by desensitizing us to risk - therefore THEY are cause of increased risk and should, therefore, be abolished!

Come the day of the Glorious Revolution Brothers and Sisters and the Health And Safety Executive *will* be first up against the wall!

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