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Thursday, May 10, 2007

TWIL Episode11 - Bloomin' Bloomsbury

Hi once again and thanks for joining me for another This Week In London. I hope you enjoy the show. Keep the emails coming in - details to the left. You can listen to this show by clicking the heading of this post, by clicking here or by using the green PuPu player about. Just click to listen!

This time we're in Bloomsbury, thanks to a listener who emailed in with the suggestion. That makes two on the trot - and next times will be listener selected too! Thanks!

I appreciate that you take 30 minutes or so out of your valuable time to listen to the show. If you have comments, criticism or (blush) praise then please do email me - the links are to the left of this post. You can of course leave a comment if you prefer!

On with the show!


The Lamb at Lambs Conduit Street - info here
The British Museum is available here
Great Ormond Street Hospital - you should give generously here
A 360 degree round and round view of Bedford Square
And a site all about Blue Plaques - apparently you can buy books about them too!

Ellie Myles, Connected at www.elliemyles.com which takes you to Slashed Seat Affair
Daize Shayne, No Way Out at www.daize.com
Jill Parr, Do you Hear What I Hear? from www.jillparr.com

Off to Kuwait on Saturday. Hot.... very hot. No beer. None. Zip. Nada. No alcohol. At All... Arghhhhh!

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