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Monday, May 21, 2007

TWiL Episode 12 - Cutty Sark

Well hello everyone and welcome to Show 12 of the This Week In London podcast. I had a show planned for tonight but news events overtook it so instead of that one I'm kind of winging it with a show about the Cutty Sark and the events of today. A terribly sad day for Londoners and specifically those of us who have lived in Greenwich. I hope I do the old girl justice....

Click the players above, the heading of this post or HERE to listen!

Here are some videos:

Music tonight is by:

Ingrid Michaelson with Breakable
Patricia Paay and the Star Sisters with the Medley 2007 and
Finniston with Changes

Please do visit the bands websites and let them know you heard the music here. More importantly let them know you liked their music. That's more important...

Comment on todays show here or via email - the address is in the panel to the left! Thanks for letting me take 30 minutes or so from your day...

PS - Next time I am aiming to bring you a competition cast. Keep yours ears open!

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